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Dazzling Shimmering Diamond
Crystal License Plate Frames!

VIP Bling Frame: The fanciest license plate frame in the world, featuring 500 genuine Swarovski™ crystals!

256 Series Bling Frame: The slick and clean license plate frame with a stunning display of 256 genuine Swarovski™ crystals.

Slimline Bling Frame: An elegant & classy license plate frame with a single row of large Swarovski™ crystals.

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Pink, Ice, Red, Sapphire, Light Blue, Multi Colored Crystals, Bling Chrome Frames

Choose from a wide selection of colored
Swarovski™ crystals!

Bling Crystal Color Examples, Red, Light Sapphire, Ice(Clear),Pink, Aurore Boreale.

Swarovski crystal License Plate Frames shine like no other! Their diamond like appearance due to their multiple facets, exclusive colors, and pure bling power. No other crystal in the world comes comes to Swarovski™!

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