• "The American Freedom Series" Patriotic Airbrushed License Plate
"The American Freedom Series" Patriotic License Plates- "The American Freedom Series" was created by Rick Kelley. This design features 3 of Rick's paintings put together to form this license plate design. As a country we saw the day when everything we stand for was challenged. On September 11th, 2001 we were under attack. Many lost lives due to a heartless act of terrorism. As Americans, we knew we had to be more united than ever. Creating The American Freedom Series is my voice joining the country to make sure something positive comes out of the negative. This is my contribution to the memory of the thousands of innocent people who perished unnecessarily. This is to say we will forever fight for our American Freedom. Standing with dignity and honor, Lady Liberty is a symbol of strength and endurance. Through peaceful and adverse times, America remains a pillar of justice, hope and freedom. We will always stand united and pursue Liberty's Flight. (Look in the mountains closely and see the Statue of Liberty!) America's strength and beliefs have made this country a home to people seeking freedom. We have no boundaries. Like the bald eagle, we can soar to great heights and weather any storm. We can achieve our dreams by riding On Freedom's Wing. New York honored the memory of all that were lost on September 11th by sending up two large rays of light in place of the twin towers.Reflections of Freedom is an interpretation of the heavens sending back two rays of light as a tribute to our strength and unity in a time of crisis.

"The American Freedom Series" Patriotic Airbrushed License Plate

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