• "The Patriot" Patriotic Airbrushed License Plate
The Patriot Patriotic License Plates -In the tradition of the "American Freedom" series, Rick Kelley has created a new painting focusing on our national symbol, the bald eagle. Rick's idea was to show the colorful contrasts of our nation, the strength of our freedom and the power of our belief that all people were created equal and have the right to pursue their dreams. The American Bald Eagle carrying the colors of our nation symbolizes "The Patriot" in all of us. "The Patriot" was created by Rick Kelley. This design features an American Bald Eagle flying down to land on a branch with a storm and lightning in the background. Look carefully at the eagle's wings, it has a very nice overlay of the American Flag colors.

"The Patriot" Patriotic Airbrushed License Plate

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